A Coachella tale

As the temperature spikes you can hardly see without your polarized Spy glasses, If sand had a smell you could pin it after one whiff of that dry blistering air blowing through the mountain pass. And of course the unmistakeable haunting hum of hundreds of turbines. The rows and rows of Wind-farms, Yes Its that time of year again and the desert sun is beckoning. 

While the masses will soon converge on the small valley just outside Palm springs in the middle of the desert everyones mind will surely be on what outfits to wear, who’s blogging about what, how much Kreation (juice) to bring for the morning of Day two, what Pool party to attend and what kind of characters will be meandering around the Sahara tent. But surely one thing is not to be forgotten. While plenty of drinks will go down the sun takes a bit longer too. Yes that big beautiful ball in the sky. It is almost irresponsible to not protect yourself against the sun if you want to experience a full three days of pools, music and… other stuff. Proper and continuous application of a solid sunscreen will not only help retain much of your needed energy throughout the day and night but keep those very and rarely exposed parts of your body “protected”.  Thats not to say a little bronzing is a bad thing but the last thing anyone wants is to show up to Lady Gaga looking as Red/burnt as one of her Meat dresses.

Auctiv is the easiest and best organic decision you could make for getting the most out of a weekend in the desert without coming home looking like a lobster. Even if you plan on abusing other parts of your body why not take care of your biggest organ, It will thank you down the line, Trust us.  So be safe out there, whether it be coverin’ up with a cap or shielding with some spectacles, fight the good fight against that desert sun and don’t come home with the wrong kind of regrets.