A Father's Day Tradition

Father’s Day is this Sunday, which you all know by now since your inbox is probably full of emails about the best gift for dad. And while we do sell sunscreen, which is great for dad btw, we are more excited by getting outdoors and creating memories and laughs with dad.

I want to share my Father’s Day tradition: Fishing. I love fishing. My dad loves fishing. My dad’s dad loved fishing. So we go fishing. Some years we catch nothing but laughs and a good buzz. It’s all good. Last year, we were blessed with warm water at Anacapa Island and a few nice sized yellowtail (plus the laughs and a buzz).

The recent fish counts along the CA coast are showing plenty of rockfish, a few yellows, and a few of my dad’s favorite fish White Seabass. Fill the cooler, practice your knots, and enjoy some big fish stories with your father.

Special thanks to Johnny, Charlie, and Ricky. Three great fathers that somehow fit a little bit of time away from their kids to make Auctiv possible.