A sleep deprived dad finds a little help with magnesium.

I am a terrible sleeper.

Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh.  But, I am not a great sleeper. And after having two young children I only got worse at it.

Two years ago, sleep deprived and looking for help, I decided to make some small changes in my life to sleep better.  I got a new bed. I got new sheets. I added an evening shower to help cool my body down before bed. And I even got a white noise machine… for me, not the kids!

All of these things helped me sleep a little better.  But one of the most noticeable changes I made was adding magnesium to my routine.

The current science suggests magnesium does a lot for our bodies… like fighting inflammation, heart disease, fatigue and even anxiety.  It also strengthens our bones and our ability to absorb other important minerals and vitamins.

But what caught my attention was its purported ability to help you fall asleep, and even ward off insomnia, something I had been diagnosed with.  Which all sounded great. Remember… I have two kids under 5. I’m tired… always.

I am not a scientist, and will leave the claims to them.  But here’s what I can tell you personally and sincerely… I felt the benefit on the first night.

I first discovered magnesium in tablet form.  I started taking it orally before bed. The supplement had an immediate impact on my sleep.  I fell asleep a little easier. And even more notable was my ability to stay asleep, especially in the early morning.

I was a magnesium convert.

Later, my friends at Auctiv gave me a tube of magnesium paste to try topically.  And I have to tell you, it worked even better. Now, I spread a little on my back every night after my evening shower and find myself sleeping better than ever, especially in the early morning hours.

So while there are many reasons to give magnesium a try, this is one slightly less tired dad saying you should try it yourself and see if it helps your sleep.

After all, who doesn’t want to sleep a little better?

Sincerely - A father of two... with a third on the way, who still wants to sleep better.