“Dad, where do waves come from?”

With my ten year old son at my side, surfboards in hand, we walked down to the beach. The cool offshore wind blew at our backs. It was quiet until he said something without looking up, “Dad, where do waves come from?” Even though I expect such things from his inquisitive little mind I was impressed he was tracking his source of enjoyment back to its origins. I assume we all have at one point. I smiled and asked him with a cheeky tone, “well, how do plants grow”? He took a beat then looked up and flashed me a look of “Really”, “How?” he replied. So I told him that where we live is very special. Our little unique planet floats at a distance from the sun where it isn’t too hot or too cold, but just right. A perfect temperature for life to thrive. The heat from the sun creates fluctuations in temperatures (warms up and cools down), those fluctuations create pressure and when there is a difference in pressure a storm is born. And as we all know storms generate waves. Viola¡

He stuck with me or at least he didn’t let on he was lost. He looked up at the sun and said, “Waves are cool, thanks sun” 

I agreed with a smile. 

The sun has the incredible power to enable life But as you would expect too much of a good thing can become a bad one.  Climate change is not only throwing weather patterns off the charts, but the suns rays are more powerful now than they have ever been.  Which is why when you get to surf with your son for a few hours it's more important than ever too enjoy the waves responsibly and protect yourself and those whom you love from long exposure. 

Everything is a balance. 

In honor of the sun and all of her beautiful faces we think its only fitting to pay homage by sharing a small gallery illustrating the diverse and energetic nature it enables our oceans to realize.