Do you know your ABC’s… of UV?

Exposure to the sun is a delicate dance.  A little goes a long way, and too much can have detrimental effects to your health… especially the rays from the Ultra Violet (UV) spectrum.  Why?  You just have to know your ABC’s of UV.

UV A – is associated with AGING your skin.

UV B – is associated with BURNING your skin.

UV C – is associated with causing CANCER of the skin. 

Aging.  Burning.  Cancer.  Those are the results of UV exposure. 

So how can you help prevent them?  Simple.  Keep the sun off your skin with a physical sunblock.  What’s a physical sunblock?  It could be an umbrella, a t-shirt, a hat or a quality sunscreen like Auctiv.  Anything that prevents the sun from getting to your skin.

A physical sun blocking sunscreen prevents harmful rays from reaching the skin, usually with a mineral like zinc oxide.  Other products rub on clear and use chemicals to prevent burning, and you want to avoid chemicals.

Auctiv uses all natural and organic ingredients to help protect your skin, and wrapped them in biodegradable packaging. 

Protect your skin from UV rays… try Auctiv Sunscreen. I always choose the two pack, because my kids love them both.