Does size really matter?

We’re talking about sunscreen particle size of course. And yes, size does matter but maybe not in the way you might think. You may have previously heard the terms “non-nano” and “nanoparticle” when reading the label on your sunscreen but what is the difference? The common argument told is that nanoparticles will absorb thru your skin and into your bloodstream but non-nano particles do not and therefore are safer. However, this is more hearsay than true. Studies conducted by the FDA on humans showed only about .01% of additional zinc oxide enters the bloodstream when using a nano vs a non-nano sunscreen. That’s not much.

So why does size matter? Because the size of the particle affects the protection you get from the sunscreen. Nanoparticles will have a higher SPF (UVB protection) while non-nano will have greater UVA protection. Check out an earlier blog post here for a primer on UVA vs UVB.

Zinc or titanium sunscreens with high SPF(50+), they are most likely not doing their intended job of blocking the whole spectrum of harmful rays. Auctiv believes in keeping a healthy balance so we use a non-nano zinc that does a great job of blocking the entire spectrum. Our SPF 30 will do the job for you!

As a side rant...Many beauty product sunscreen lotions, foundations, and powders will use nanoparticles. People use these sunscreens so they look good now, but that product isn’t doing well to protect your skin from aging and wrinkling. A little counter-intuitive ya?