Kids and Sunscreen

Getting the chance to teach my kids the important routines in life is always a fun challenge. The daily routines of to-do items, whether they are on post its, siri, or in our calendars it sometimes seems like the simplest things to do can be the easiest to forget. Applying sunscreen has always been a routine in my family, and applying it on my kids used to be hit or miss whether or not it was going to be easy to get on. Being able to explain to them the ingredients that are in the sunscreen has been a huge help in getting them to wear it everyday. Giving them the option of Coco and Vanilla has a great help as well. They like the smells so much that they end up wanting to apply it themselves now, which can be interesting with how much extra gets put on. Applying sunscreen is a daily routine at my house. My kids are so used to it now that if we forget to do it, they are on us about it which is awesome.