Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreen

“I like sunscreen that goes on clear.”

I hear that a lot.  In fact, I used to say the same thing.  

But then I did a little research about the differences between CHEMICAL sunscreen (aka the kind that goes on clear) and MINERAL sunscreen (the kind that sits on top of your skin to prevent burning).


To be honest, there were some things I really liked about CHEMICAL sunscreen.  It usually goes on clear, is usually easy to apply, and is even a little cheaper than the other stuff.  You can also get it in a spray bottle for “hard to reach” places.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks as well.  

For starters, CHEMICAL sunscreen is more likely to irritate your skin because it takes multiple chemicals to create a complete sun block.  And the higher the SPF the more likely it is to be a problem. I noticed this in my eyes, especially if I would sweat or jump in the ocean… it burned.  

And that spray bottle?  Not only is it bad for the ozone and environment at large, but new studies suggest that turning the chemicals inside the bottle into aerosol form is very scary when it comes to your health.

Chemical sunscreen also kills coral reefs and has even been linked to an increase chance of developing skin cancer.


Mineral sunscreen, on the other hand, uses natural ingredients to physically block the sun from burning your skin.  

It’s better for anyone with sensitive skin, it starts working the minute you apply it, and offers full-spectrum protection.  

That means your skin is less likely suffer the effects of sun exposure… less aging, less burning and less chance of skin cancer.

Oh yeah, and it in no way hurts our coral reefs.

At the end of the day, there are only two ways to avoid a sunburn when you are in the sun...

One is to use chemicals that can have negative impacts on your health and the environment.  

The other is to us a natural product that doesn’t doesn’t do any of that other stuff.  

Should you want to try a great mineral sunscreen, Auctiv offers a couple options made with all natural and often organic ingredients.

For many reasons, we hope you’ll give MINERAL sunscreen a try, even if it’s not ours.  The earth and your skin will thank you for it.