Sunscreen Conscious

Growing up in CA I have always been diligent about using face sunscreen while I surf. I am the guy you see walking around with sunscreen on his face post surf (to my wife's dismay)  just cruising as if I may get another surf in later in the day. I have never really worried about rubbing sunscreen in either, but I had no idea what I was putting on my face. 

In a nutshell after visiting labs and shows for about a year,  to my and our dismay we found out how bad and chemical filled most sunscreens are for our skin and environment. We were all using same products which bummed us out big time. 

The process of launching our first product was lengthy and a fantastic learning process about how important formulas are and the simpler they are the better they are personally and environmentally. I relate it to buying organic produce versus chemical filled produce, the organic farmers market apple may not look as red and shiny as the chemical one, but the organic one taste way better and is better for you.

Our sunscreen is simple, and it works. When my kids, my wife, friends, or myself  are using it I am confident they are not harming their body and/or ocean reefs. Knowing that our products are benefitting them rather than harming them is great feeling. Also being able to pronounce all the ingredients in the sunscreen is really cool too.  After all the R&D time we spent on formulas it was really important to us to create products to sustain a healthy lifestyle — which make me proud.