Sunscreen simplified - environmentally conscious elements which are good and good for you.

There is no compromise for quality. That's what we kept telling ourselves during the two years spent developing a simple yet elegant organic sunscreen formula. We took the time ensure we created the most eco friendly, effective sun protection on the market. With only four ingredients, its elemental structure holds up against the best of them while doing zero harm to our planet.

Two are perfect company. Though we agree three can be party, … our favorite twins are our white and tinted face sticks. The lighter, is a pale white that emits a subtle yet distinct scent of vanilla. The darker shade, which appears like light brownie mix maintains an almost intoxicating aroma of cocoa. Sometimes you may be tempted to try a taste, we do not recommend it.

Like any power couple, these two are both heavy weights when it comes to protection against the sun. The mass markets spew out dozens of products that are almost worse on a physical level than actually getting burnt by the sun.

Give the power twins a shot and let us know if you think we missed the mark.