Surf Shacks - John + Rikki Balk

Last week, I was grubbing on an abnormally large amount of post-surf sushi and coconut cocktails at The Dolphin in Kauai with Jason, one of Auctiv’s co-founders—who happens to be my old man and best friend in the world. I briefly opened my phone to see if anyone from real life had called, and was shocked to see that an incredible story had just surfaced about another one of Auctiv’s co-founders, John Balk, and his amazing wife Rikki. I had worked with the L.A.-based surf culture blog Indoek to write about their new book Surf Shacks for my day job, and knew right away that the Balk family would be a perfect fit for their series that celebrates the homes and lives of creative surfers.

Indoek visited the Balk’s family home base in Manhattan Beach a few weeks ago, and put together a profile about them and their two little groms Ruby and Koa. Even though we already knew the whole story, it gave Jason and me the goosebumps. The whole Auctiv team is extremely proud of John and Rikki for everything they’ve been through over the last couple of years and are so happy to see them share this love for life they carry with them each and every day. Rather than saying too much, I’d rather you check it out for yourself. I’m sure it’ll leave you inspired, since that’s what it did for all of us. And make sure to try out Auctiv’s organic sunscreen to see exactly what the team has created together with this positive, simple, and healthy mindset that the Balks so proudly represent.

Check out the article on Indoek here and check out their recently published Surf Shacks book here. All photos taken by Matt Titone of Indoek.