Our Growing Family

From the moment I joined the Auctiv family, I have always been so proud to use and endorse the amazing products we provide.

It all started with a stick of organic face sun block, which is perfect for the California surfer. I’m in a wetsuit 90% of the year, so I never thought about the sunscreen I’d eventually have to put on my body.

Then, I went on a surf trip tropics, and had a hard time buying another brand of sunscreen that I both didn’t believe in or trust. It felt strange to apply something besides Auctiv. I was cheating on them haha.

When I got home, just in time for summer in SoCal, I got word that our Auctiv family had grown! I picked up our Lotion Trio, complete with the new organic lotion sunscreen and magnesium cream. The sunscreen comes in two colors, white and bronze, and I use both on my face and body.

The bonus product is the magnesium cream. After a long beach day in the sun, I can be confident that my skin is protected and my muscles won’t be destroyed either. When I apply the mag cream to my back and legs before bed, I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling fresh and ready to go. It’s like magic!

It’s an amazing feeling to know that you are using a product that not only performs well, but won’t jeopardize your health in the long run. So, do yourself a favor and grab a Lotion Trio from www.auctiv.com!