Wave Pools

I went to see Day 1 of the Founders Cup in Lemoore, California. I have to say it was a very cool experience. Being the frothed-out surfer I am, I will surf most any conditions with any board just to get the ocean. This year on the West Coast it has been slim pickings so just to see some tubes in person was a welcome change. 

The Surf Ranch delivered the epic wave over-and-over again all day that everyone has seen. The length of the wave (45 seconds) and point like perfection was the most impressive in my opinion. The venue is monumental  to see how much has been invested into this project is amazing in itself.  

Being so used to speculating winds/angles/ tides it is almost hard to comprehend you can guarantee tubes at any time of day. Being so obsessed with surfing and chasing waves The Ranch lost its luster being a  “spectator" a bit because of the perfection which is really weird to think about. 

I haven’t read or heard one negative comment from anyone that has actually surfed at Surf Ranch. Day 1 seemed like a walk thru for the upcoming tour event. After a few hours it turned a bit to routine or “run like ” after the initial excitement upon arrival. 

In the future, it would be cool to see events at the Surf Ranch that have these amazing surfers ride different boards since everyone knows exactly what to expect from the wave, and or if someone falls have someone ready to grab the unridden waves.  There were a lot of similar lines that were  drawn by the competitors on the waves. I am sure wave pool surfing will evolve since it is just the beginning. It will be interesting to see if the surfers will adapt to the stadium like environment and if the maneuvers can being elevated to keep audiences engaged for a long period of time. 

The negative comments I have seen are saying it takes it the soul out of surfing, which if you are true surfer, it shouldn’t really bother you. I am guessing a true surfer will always be drawn to chasing the waves around the world with friends. 

If they can add a wave like the Waco, Texas wedge to the Surf Ranch in the future, it would be pretty darn complete. I already want to make reservation now that would just make it that much more interesting.  

Let me know when and if the park opens to the public.