Why Cocoa is great for surfers.

When you set out to create a product with natural ingredients, even small differences change the end result. Using only four natural ingredients in our facesticks has created two unique formulations because of one difference in ingredients: organic cocoa powder and organic vanilla extract. Below are five reasons why the Cocoa Facestick may be your best option for protection while you’re out surfing.

  1. The consistency of the cocoa stick is well suited to variety of temperatures. Kinda like your favorite bar of wax that you would trust in warm or cold water. We formulated it with So. Cal in mind where the water temps range from trunkable to shivering in your 4/3.
  2. Thick or thin. You can apply a light coat for a quick dip or gob it on before your marathon session.
  3. This stuff is sticky! You won’t have to worry about it washing off in the water.
  4. Reef and ocean safe. We know you care about reefs and turtles. The lack of chemicals and plastic packaging can do no harm.
  5. It wipes off clean with a towel so you can go back to work, school, or grab a burrito without the “I live in the ocean” look. Won’t help with that nose drip though, sorry.