Reef Safe

Coral reefs are being damaged by a chemical called oxybenzone which is found in most sunscreen and other personal care products that protect against UV radiation. Auctiv refuses to use chemicals that are harmful for your skin and our environment. 

What is Oxybenzone? 

  • A common ingredient in many sunscreens and personal care products
  • A chemical blocker that interferes with UV's ability to damage skin 

How does it harm coral? 

  • Damages coral DNA, inhibiting it's ability to reproduce
  • Causes deformities on the coral 
  • Makes coral more susceptible to bleaching
  • Initiates endocrine diruption 

How does it reach the ocean? 

  • Oxybenzone is absorbed through your skin and excreted through urine
  • Washed off in the shower and flows into the waste water system 
  • Washed into the ocean when applied at the beach

What can I do? 

  • Choose a safer sunscreen - look for sunscreen using titanium oxide or zinc oxide 
  • Avoid spray dispensers - they leave residue on the sand